Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Farewell to Tentacles

I have over 50 squid for sale in my etsy shop. I think this is the most I have ever had. This doesn't even include magnet and brooch squid, apron squid or Tadly and Abigail. In fact, my shop is as full as it ever has been. Or, will be for quite some time. A long time, actually. Basically forever. I have mentioned before about branching out to other things. I am knee deep in those other things at the moment. One knee is in the learning pit. The other is in the embroidering wares pit. A partial knee is in a pit that involves helping the dear husband manage and schedule his business. I never even knew I had another knee but one day, poof, there it was, hanging out in a pit.
This past year was not great for selling plush squid. But I am grateful to say it was the first time in 6 years I ever even came close to a bad year. Which is amazing and awesome. But, as with anyone selling niche pieces of art, one bad season can be nigh catastrophic. So there have been changes in plans. Although, after 6 years the changes are more along the lines of kicking myself into new territories that I was planning on going in anyway. I'm kind of glad I had a bad season because I probably would have dragged my feet even more with the new plans if I hadn't. I still love the squid but I'd also love to do new things. New things that can't always be expressed in cephalopod form. New things that will make it impossible for me to sew squid and Tadly full time. So now, with the Cleo Dee's shop nicely stuffed I am taking a knee out of the squid making pit.  I'm not planning on doing any shows in 2012. So with that in mind I have put up the last of my squid and Tadly stock. My custom squid listing will still be available but the Squid a Month Clubs will only be available until the listings expire. March 28th for the 1 year and April 6th for the 6th months. I will keep the shop up as long as the squid on there are around. For the 2012 Holiday Season I will be listing my leftover squidtivites and holiday squid. This blog will focus more on original embroidery and the making of miniatures (in felt and other materials) plus when I'm more comfortable some peeks into what I've been learning. There will still be some squid a month club photos popping up since I have 3 clubs open for another 14 months. And of course the usual stuff will still be on here. Posts about the odd things I see, how I've spent my entire weekend seasoning 5 pieces of cast iron and I'm still not done MY GOD I AM STILL NOT DONE. And of course posts about my giant cat. Update: right now he is sitting on the floor by my chair sneezing. It sounds wet.
I hope you don't mind all of the changes and that you find something of interest in my new stuff. And I hope you enjoy the final batch of squid that are in the shop. I think it's a pretty good selection of all of the favorites. Not only your favorites but mine as well. I have loved what I've done these past 6 years and am thankful that you all have helped me experience what it would be like to travel around the country selling stuffed squid out of steamer trunks.  I hope you've been able to tell that in my work and in my blog and that you stick around to see what I cook up next.
Thanks again, Friends.

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  1. I'm sad to see the squids retire, as I LOVE them. I have Ted the fish taco squid in my inedimobile, and it's been my good luck charm for shows since 2007. Thank you so much for making him!

    Best of luck on your new ventures!


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