Sunday, January 22, 2012

Introducing: Minature Embroideries

The necklaces! They're finally completed! They are up for sale at my new shop Sister Dee's This and That. So please go ahead and check them out. 

I attached the last couple hooks Saturday after we dug ourselves out of the snowstorm. Then I photographed and edited like crazy today. There are 4 brooches and 15 necklaces in total. The embroideries are 18 x13mm at the smallest and 18 x25mm at the largest. Probably the smallest I have ever embroidered. I also stuck with my trusty felt for backgrounds. All of the jewelry findings are made in the USA, specifically in New England by various artisans (you can find out more at I liked the look of the antiqued black brass for my embroideries and loved that everything was made by small businesses as well.


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