Wednesday, January 04, 2012

200 Stitches: the Beginning

I was inspired by the blog the Big B to attempt to learn (or relearn) 200 stitches this year. I tend to use the same stitches over and over again and I need to stop that. I figured the best way to combat this is to crack open my stitch bible that I've had for about 5 years and go through it cover to cover. It's also a prime time to use up extra fabric in my stash and all of the left over embroidery floss I have kicking around.

First stitch was the "running stitch and variations". I need to break out the ruler since my eyesight is too poor and my apartment too dim to count threads in the fabric. Next up, the Holbein stitch! EMBROIDER FTW!

Already this exercise makes me want to finally dive into getting an embroidery hoop stand. Mainly so I can look like Madame de Pompadour in her lesser role as royal embroiderer.

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  1. Oh my, my stitching on those towels must've looked very elementary to you. I never learned more than a handful of stitches. Are there really 200 different stitches? WOW!
    MOM B


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