Wednesday, February 01, 2012


The other week when we had yet another day of 60 degree weather in January I took a walk around the still new neighborhood and tried some new areas. I happened upon Edgewood which everyone claims is terrible. The part I was in was full of BMWs and renovated Victorian mansions. Also, a super fancy miniature library that's right behind the miniature country club. Sadly I can't check out books since I'm not an Edgewood resident but it's still nice to visit. Here are a few of the gorgeous things I saw on the stroll.

There was a cluster of old churches and synagogues in this area. One was now a police station and another was the Western PA School for the Deaf which was gigantic. 
I had been following signs for a library but the signs were a bit off so I used my phone to get me to the CC Mellor Memorial Library. It was gorgeous. The stairs were marble. This was the stairwell.

Since the library is only for Edgewood and private it relies on donations so there were so many old books that I can only assume were in the parlors of all the old houses. And most seemed to be donated long ago when you still wrote call numbers on the spines. Although the library still uses the card catalog system. That was a treat to find in the backs of the books. This then led me to promptly find the card catalog to peruse.

I continued my walk and came across a house I'm kind of obsessed with now. It was beautiful and I couldn't tell if it was abandoned or not. I also loved that not much had changed since it was built. It still had a driveway that was a half-moon so there were 2 entrances to the street with old brick right beside the modern sidewalk.

The house went further back than I realized. I also couldn't tell if anyone lived here although the sides porches had things on them but it looks like whoever owns it only keeps up the front. The sides were in poor repair and the carriage house looked like it hadn't been painted in ages and had a sagging roof in some spots. I took a photo of that but only had my cell phone with me so they're not the greatest.

carriage house

one side of the driveway
Since it was so nice that day I forgot that it was still winter and the sun was going to be setting soon so I had to book it back to my place before it was dark. I can't wait to head back to this area and most likely peek in on this house again. I'd love to see it with all of the trees in bloom.


  1. Who says Edgewood is terrible? Some of the surrounding areas, maybe...but not Edgewood! I love it there, and happen to live very close to the library (which I frequent regularly) as well as that house--which I'm obsessed w/too! It looks like it should be haunted. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't listen to the erroneous Edgewood-haters and were able to see a couple to the cool things about the area.

  2. So many said how bad Edgewood and our new neighborhood (Park Place) were. I don't think they've been here and seemed to lump everything together (including regent square.) I was amazed considering that we and some of them lived in the southside.

    Oh that house! I felt like such a creeper after awhile since I couldn't stop staring at it. Plus I kept walking up and down the sidewalk in front. I can totally picture this house being the one that all the kids see random lights flickering on and off inside.

  3. Well, if I ever see anyone seemingly stalking that house, I'll know it's you. Hope you continue to enjoy your new neighborhood and the surrounding areas! Be sure to check out D's and the Green Mango and Yoga on the Square and Pittsburgh Center for Health and Healing (Beth does the BEST massages)!


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