Friday, January 27, 2012

200 Stitches: Chain Stitches

#9 Chain Stitch

I was familiar with this one since it's also one of the first basic stitches you learn. I loved the look of the chain stitch with a whip stitch (middle) and also the back stitch running through it (bottom) especially with the color combination I chose.

#10 Open Chain Stitch

#10 was kind of a pain but I do like the like of it. In real life the side stitches look like they are a different color than the rungs of the ladder. This one will need some more experimenting to discover the right combination of thread count and spacing.

#11 Heavy Chain Stitch

#11 will also need to be visited. In the book photo it has this beautiful feather quality that I couldn't get on my first try here. Afterwards I did a quick google search and found better instructions which immediately made this stitch make more sense so next time shouldn't be as much of a fail.

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