Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 I got a consignment request from a lovely squid a month club member earlier this month. A few years back she had purchased a mom and baby squid from me for a friend who was expecting. That little girl has come to love the squid and parents and friend decided squid would be a way to further explain the awesomeness of having a baby brother. The deadline for this was pretty tight and it took me a few days of staring at 4 bolts of citrus colored felt to figure out how to go about this one. Here is the result:

Each squid and accessory have magnets placed securely and strategically inside of them to enhance the fun of what you can do with these guys. This includes magnets on the backs so you can slap them onto large chunks of metal. For some reason this was always important for me to do with my own magnetic toys as a child. I based the accessories on the descriptions of the family so the neuroscientist Dad is holding a brain, the chorale member Mom has her music book. The daughter has butterfly wings while the baby got a moon and stars themed blanket.

The wings of course are also magnetic so I needed to make sure they looked good from either side. I sketched up a pattern and then cut all of the little shapes out by hand. They were cleaned up a bit after this photo and another set was made then green felt sandwiched in between.

Also, choir book!

 I then went to town making it look like the squid family went to a department store photo studio to celebrate their new family.

I'm hoping the daughter enjoys her squid and her new brother.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Squids, Super Holiday Sales and Small Businesses

The shop is now stocked with loads of items for the season including some one of a kind items like the tattooed lady squid and the knife throwing act. Hopefully I have all of your squid needs covered for the season. Please make sure to check my shop announcement page for order by dates. Each order over $20 until December 31st will come with a free gift (hint: free mini squid!) and if you order now through Monday November 28th you will get 15% off each order! Just enter the code "cephalopod" and you'll be set.

And if you're into printed goods you can check out my husband's shop. He'll be selling some pretty awesome prints based on themes such as the smartness of reading and holiday cards based on characters like the Krampus or the Catalonia poop log. He will also have 5 extra and unnumbered star charts for sale. If you get a chance, mosey on by his shop. You will not be disappointed.

This year has been rough for a ton of people and running small businesses can be trying in the best of times. But all of this wouldn't be possible for any of us running shops out of our homes, studios or storefronts without your support, whether that's by purchasing our creations or passing along our names to your friends.You guys are awesome. You are what keeps us going.

Thank You.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm doing sewing and I'm still alive

Except for some Thursday Accessories post I have been away from this blog. So enjoy this scene of my desk from late last night. I've been working away on some super fun custom pieces along with getting ready for Baz Biz Cleveland. Due to some unexpected issues this will be the only show I'll be doing this holiday season so Cleveland will have loads of squid to choose from.
That also means that my etsy shop will be stocked for the holidays as it has never been stocked before. Everything will be up for the Monday after Thanksgiving and every order until the new year will include a gift of a free mini squid. So if you missed me in your city this year please check out my shop and grab something if it tickles your fancy.

Thanks friends,