Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Down by the water

Today my Dad drove my brother and I around to check out where the tornadoes touched down in Juniata County.  Even with a lot of the debris cleaned up it was pretty crazy.  A lot of the houses have already been demolished.  In the picture below the house was gone, the barn was falling down and the trees on the ridge were flatten but another building was untouched.  Luckily the area it hit isn't very populated and there were no injuries or deaths.  Can't say the same for a lot of cows and chickens, though.
After a lot of back roads we stopped at a family-owned grocery and hardware store called Shlegel's (the Germans really liked this area). It also sells lots of other odds and ends and also gas- walmart is very far away.  And it used to have a schtick for giving out $2 bills as change, that always stuck with me. My dad likes to stop here to get dinner so we grabbed lunch and then ate down by the river.  I almost dropped the container since the food was so heavy.  Central PA does not eff around with their meals.  I barely ate any of it but it was certainly tasty and also very nap-worthy.  

They have a standard package to include filling.  It's Thanksgiving dinner all the time around here. Also, 2 different kinds of meat in loaf form.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm in Central Penna visiting family for the week so this will be my view.  I'm sure there will be some pictures to show you during the week and after that it'll be back to the squid. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pittsburgh Public Market This Sunday!

We'll be taking a break on Sunday from our never-ending unpacking (I didn't realize how much stuff I owned for Cleo Dee's and how hard it is to openly store it in an appealing manner). Locals can come to the Strip District to buy our wares at the Pittsburgh Public Market.  We'll be there from 10am-4pm, June 26th. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Know Your Flag

We bought this poster when we were neighbors with Know Your Flag at last year's Chicago Renegade in December.  We had been thinking of moving sometime so we decided to save it for then.  Our apartment move in last month had more than a few bumps so we hung this up on a pre-existing nail as soon as we got here for inspiration.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Craft Shows Through the Years (indoors)

Here's a quick peek at the ol' indoor settings changing throughout the years.  This first one is before I really had a good idea on table display.  My tablecloth was woefully too short along with my table being too small. 

Spring Bada Bing 2007.

Next up is Handmade Arcade 2008.  The trunks are in full effect as well as the squidtivity (although the squidtivity definitely needed some height).  I did still have clothing to sell on my old gridwall and the giant squid are still making an appearance.
Handmade Arcade 2008
This is basically the same setup as the previous month but I discontinued the giants at this point so there were only 2 left.  Also, no more clothing at indoor table shows.
Renegade Holiday 2008

 One good reason to bring all items.  There were pipes running across the ceiling so we figured it was the perfect place for the big tent banner.  Also, we got a suitcase for the squidtivity.  Scott screwed some removable hooks so we made a mini clothesline for the button packs that occasionally make an appearance.  

Tiny Canary 2009

This was last year and the last show of the season so we pulled out all of the stops.  I now have a mini Christmas tree with lights for the mini holiday squid pack along with the shelves for Tadly (with the squidtivity at the top).  Even more height!  We were lucky enough to once again have a backdrop to our table so the giant banner went there and the bunting trimmed the table.

Bizarre Bizarre Cleveland 2010

INDIEanna Handicraft was the largest space I ever had to work with indoors. We had originally planned to have a setup similar to our tent shows.  Basically having the tables and the apron rack set up at the back of the space and have folks walk in.  When we arrived we realized we were actually on a small stage.  This is one of the main reasons we bring everything with us- you never know what your space will actually be like until you see it in person.  Since we were sharing the stage with the dj and they only had a small table we put our 6ft and 4ft table across the front. We placed our other 4 ft at the end behind the other table and had an L shaped set up.  The extra table held the cash box and inventory lists and also hid the Tadly bag.  It also proved useful to sit on so I could still see customers.  Also, since we were in a stage area we only had stage lighting to work with so I really should have brought some extra lighting (should probably start bringing some of those along as well).  We did have free electricity and wifi which was really nice so Scott grabbed the Tadly videos from Vimeo and made a loop of all of the shorts to display on the table.  The high table didn't really prove to be much of a downside except that small children couldn't see our items or the video so they had to get their parents to hold them up. I'm still learning how to use the new camera so forgive the horrible shots but at least it gives you an idea of the set up.  

Using Tadly shelves for a makeshift apron display.

Really glad we threw the giant industrial extension cord into our bag.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Belgiums are onto something

Wednesday was my birthday.  I celebrated by trying out a new eatery recommended by my best friend (who now lives mere minutes away from me instead of on the opposite side of the country. WIN).  She and her fiance came along with Scott and I to try it out. It did not disappoint and I forsee spending quite a bit of time this summer familiarizing myself with all of the various toppings that are apparently where it's at in Belgium.

This is a pretty rad menu display.
Probably the best waffle I have ever had.  And I've eaten many a waffle.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Settling In

During the move I scheduled posts since we didn't have internet until 2 days ago.  This week will be a tad sparse since we're now officially in the throws of unpacking.  We underestimated how long it would take to move our living space and 2 studio spaces along with dealing with a broken fridge and doing an out of state show.  Also, it's been a bit daunting moving into a smaller space but I'm really glad we downsized.  Our previous apartment was 2 stories and sprawling but we had a lot of wasted space.  Also, our living room became a glorified hallway.  We spent 90% of our time upstairs in the studio wishing we could have a couch nearby to hang out on for me to sew or Scott to nap on during long renders.  I'm slowly getting my desk area together and will eventually figure out where to put everything that needs to be close to hand.  Already though I'm really loving my new set up. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Travel Time

Hey Folks,
We are getting ready to drive across a few states to make it to INDIEanna Handicraft Exchange that is happening Saturday.  I will be indoors at Booth #44.  Even though I won't have my tent the space is bigger than normal indoor spaces (yay!!) so I will have my aprons (double yay!!!).  Since this summer involved not knowing when our move would happen this is the only show I was able to so you won't see me around again until the fall.  But that's good news for Indiana since I have so much new stuff to show you!  There are lots of new aprons to gander at along with new squid (accessories and types) and of course Tadly and Abigail will be making an appearance. 

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Abigail Recommends

Since I'm away from my computer due to moving and not getting internet for a week I'm posting the weekly Abigail Recommends on here instead of Facebook.  Hope you enjoy!

Good afternoon, history buffs! This week is a book that gives a glimpse into a Pittsburgh neighborhood during the turn of the century. I never would have found it if I had not taken a rainy day to wander around my local library and browse the shelves. The Dutchman Died, and Other Tales of Pittsburgh's Southside was written by a local named J. Fred Lissfelt. He wanted to preserve some of the more interesting stories and characters of the then mostly German neighborhood. It has some great old German ghost stories along with a wonderful way of giving you a great idea of what the neighborhood used to be like. Even if you've never visited Pittsburgh or the Southside you will be able to appreciate a lively and descriptive look into the ever-changing life of a community. It will also make you appreciate the buildings, layouts and history from any area that are left behind that gives a specific area its own charms and layers. Also, if you read the book you too will know what Ashcats are and why they only come out at night.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Squids Around the World

We had hoped to have a feature on the website featuring squids out and about but then other websites came along and made it much easier (although I still didn't get these pictures up until last week- which is a shame because they are all adorable and the customer who took these is fantastic!).  The rest are up at the Cleo Dee's facebook page but here's a little taste of what happens when a lovely gal takes her squid on vacation.

Crossing the Sea of Galilee

Posing in front of the Acropolis

Monday, June 06, 2011

clean up

Today I'm over at our old apartment cleaning it up.  The rest of the week will be spent unpacking the new place and trying to figure out where to put all of that felt.  I shall leave you with this.  I love when kids and parents combine powers and work together to make something awesome. Also, it's a pretty fun game.  Who wouldn't want to go find some friggin' ponycorns?

Sissy's Magic Ponycorn Adventure

Friday, June 03, 2011

Best Thing I've Done All Week

I haven't been on the internet most of the week but I have been out and about...a lot.  Normally we drive our car once a week if that.  Yesterday I had it out 3 times preparing for my move and helping with another move. 

The Best Thing I've done all week was meet my best friend over at her new place in Squirrel Hill Thursday as her and her fiance finished their drive from Seattle that started Saturday morning and ended around 12:30 am.  I had been checking out apartments for them so I got to give them their keys and meet her fiance and all of the pets for the first time.  All are delightful. 

Our move is thankfully still on for Sunday thanks to Scott and his fantastic people skills and ability to kindly convince a landlord that no, it's not our "crazy schedule" that has us demanding that you make the apartment livable this week.  It's the lease we signed that started June 1st.  The landlord is still kind of rubbing it in about how he had to rearrange so many schedules and do work himself to get us in there this Sunday (you know, 5 days after our lease started).  We're stopping by today to load things into the kitchen which is hopefully cleaned by now and Saturday to move some other stuff small things into the rest of the rooms.  The carpets should be done by today but if they're not I may have to hunt the landlord down and sic Ico on him. 

He's been training.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

To the Museum

Scott and I went to the Carnegie Natural History and Art Museum earlier this week with our dear friend Matt.  It was a nice, relaxing day before what we thought would be the regular stresses of moving week.  Turns out our moving stresses have turned into it being the first day of our lease at the new place and not being able to move anything in (or knowing if we can do our final move with big furniture Sunday with the truck we already rented and the friends who are only available on non-working days).  The landlord allowed the previous tenants to stay until the 28th, checked the place out on the 29th and decided they have to steam the carpet or possibly replace it since no one cleaned out when they left.  They also smoked during their move-out and left ashes everywhere and mounds of cobwebs and just lots of dirt.  Now we are waiting to hear when possible carpet removal and cleaning will happen and dealing with a landlord that seems put out by us being concerned about having no knowledge of when we can move.  I'm really glad we had a fun weekend before knowing all of this.

We haven't been to the museum since last August so it was nice to go back.  The dinosaurs were as awesome as ever and I love the first part of the art museum with all of the old paintings in their gaudy frames but I think my favorite part is the big glass-enclosed dioramas of animals.  I love the early 20th century vibe from this area (I kind of wish we still did mat paintings for movies).  I especially love the last bit of the natural history museum.  There is a hallway that leads from there to the art side and it's just lined with old cases of bird mounts.  Most of them the kind where they didn't even pose the birds but just stuffed them and laid them on their backs.  I'm glad they still keep these displays around.  

This next display is my absolute favorite.  I just love seeing all of these guys in one area.  It's like a 3D version of my old Pennsylvanian animal books.  I was looking at most of the creatures in here and I think I've seen close to 80% of them in the wild (and most in the area directly around my house) which is pretty rad.

All in all a pretty fun day.