Friday, September 30, 2011

The Internets

Some lovely things I've seen this week.

Sundries and Plunder
Seeing these yet again brought up one of the issues with wearing glasses. I would love nothing more than to wear these (or any of the other awesome masks they make) to a fancy Halloween party/dinner. We could make hooves to go with them.

Oh and those ribbons! Oh my goodness!

little goodall

A friend sent me the link to this shop mentioning that this was going on the list of "things to buy when you have children". There is a gray fox as well. My goal is to have twins and buy one of each and then let them loose in the woods. I will occasionally squee when one of the fox children runs past. Since I received this link I have watched this woman be interviewed on etsy's front page and now place her shop on vacation to get caught up on orders. It made me so happy to see this. I love seeing people who are making original, well made and beautiful designs get rewarded for their talent by being able to make even more of the things that they love.

just oh my word, the craftsmanship. And those claw sleeves just kill me.

matilde beldroega

I saw this little fella the other morning and I want him so badly. I love the design on the goat in particular and holy crap that little cloak he's wearing! I also love the faces of the dolls she makes. Barely any stitches used but still expressive. I especially enjoyed the little smirk on the girl below.

She even makes the shoes!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Holiday Squids! Up! Up!

Fall and Winter is my busiest time of year. 

My sewing takes place everywhere.

And I have little piles of finished work hanging around waiting to be packaged.

So once again I am listing my Holiday Squid early so you can get a head start on your shopping. Also, this gives me a head start on my sewing. All of them are Made to Order and will take 2 weeks for squid and 3 weeks for Squidtivity. As a thank you, please enjoy free shipping on any holiday order. Just enter the code FREESHIPPING during checkout.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Maker Faire New York

So this post is behind the times but as soon as we came back from New York there was oodles of work to be done. I don't think you can really put into words the awesomeness of Maker Faire and even taking pictures of the place is hard to do so I'll focus on some favorite parts.

While in my booth I spotted this guy wandering around. I pointed and Scott immediately went off to photograph him. The weekend involved a lot of pointing and running off to catch something.

First off, the Bust show was great and I had a blast talking to all of the customers and meeting so many that wanted to talk shop and getting to see why some of them were there (from hackers to robotics teams). Tadly was welcomed warmly and everyone was totally down with the whole plush/animation thing we have going on with him and Abigail. We shared a tent with a lovely gal named Francesca who makes awesome cards that she hand cuts from vintage magazines and the like (we came home with a few). We actually ended up being 1 tent away from the metal dragon that I posted about earlier and that thing did not disappoint. I was excited about it after seeing the video but you really can't comprehend this thing unless you see it in person. Actually, I won't even mention anything more about it because it kind of needs it's own separate post.

The show is in and surrounding the New York Hall of Science. The grounds are actually where the '64 World's Fair took place so peppered throughout were buildings and statues from that event. The Faire is in zones and we of course were in the craft zone. In the Science Hall you could wander through the museum and stop at tables set up throughout. You could make paper cranes, catch a speaker (Scott saw John Hodgman!) or you could enter a darken room and play games that people had developed or watch other crazy stuff made out of lights and strings or people playing instruments with gameboy parts.

My favorite thing in there was a group that made lights for bike tires. They had a simple set for $50 and then were showing off entire wheels that have text and pictures on them (like a monkey running). I tried getting video but my camera was too slow. Outside was a sprawling mass of tents both big and small. There was a Maker Tent where you could learn to solder, make a flashlight, lock pick etc. There were lots of high school robotics teams showing off their creations. People were there with crazy bikes you could ride around. You could be pushed on a giant swing that was constantly "raining", only stopping when you passed through. A team was showing off their work with making a robotic arm work with only your thoughts. And you could sit down, be hooked up with electrodes and try it out for yourself.

It was exhilarating to be around such a large mass of people who were exited to make things and learn. Sometimes I get a bit bummed being around others who seem to not only not care about how the world works but actively mock people who are trying. Trying to learn, comprehend, interact with the world around them, make things, anything that will make the world or even part of someone's day a little better or just more exciting and fun. This place had none of that and it was wonderful to behold. It made me exited to be doing what I do and it was just great to walk around and have everyone marveling and sharing all sorts of ideas.

My favorite scene I witnessed that summed up the spirit of this weekend involved a bike (or two) tricked out to be a moving cart. The pirate riders would stop occasionally in the crowd. This time they stopped in front of the metal dragon and the rocket statue. One pirate passed out foam swords and encouraged attacks on himself.  A second rider antagonized the children and adults from inside by poking out of various windows. Mostly everyone would focus on the riders but occasionally they would branch out. I witnessed a wonderful fight between a mother and daughter. When the pirates were "beaten" they rang a bell, the swords were given back and off they went.

Friday, September 16, 2011

See you Saturday and Sunday at Maker Faire New York!

Hello everyone,

We will be at Maker Faire NY in the Bust Craftacular section, booth/tent #52. 
New York Hall of Science
September 17th (10a-7p) and September 18th (10a-6p)
You will see new Tadly and Abigail and loads of new squid. And! My aprons will be there, which rarely get to make an appearance due to lack of display space.
It's going to be a gorgeous weekend (no rain in site!) and you will see awesome stuff. Like really, really awesome stuff. I highly recommend including Maker Faire in your plans. Because this will be here for you to ride.
Did you see this? 
It is the closest you will ever get to riding a dinosaur for a myriad of reasons.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maker Faire prep work

 The days are counting down to when I need to pack up the trunks and head to the Hall of Science in Queens on Saturday and Sunday for Maker Faire New York. We'll be in the Bust Craftacular section, Booth 51. It promises to be a splendid Autumn weekend so stop by and say hello!

You can find more info here.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Plucky Farmerette

The show that I had mentioned last month has ended so I'm pretty tickled to post the shots of the squid I had sent out to Indiana for it. The show was carnival and side show themed so of course this was the first set I made for it:

I was pretty excited about the prospect of making sideshow themed squid and I wanted to make one more. I had recently finished Fruits of Victory and had Farmerettes on the mind. I had never heard of the Woman's Land Army and I highly recommend checking this book out to hear some amazing tales about some amazing women. And since this was a carnival-themed show I was also thinking about the tattoo ladies on the side show circuit. So, put those two together and you get Millie, the tattooed Farmerette.

Millie has spent quite a long time collecting all of her tattoos. She thought it was such a shame to have to hide them due to Victorian sensibilities so she took matters into her own tentacles. You can catch Millie being billed not only has a tattooed lady but as the only tattooed land squid you will see this side of the Mississippi.

I used the same technique for her as I did the sailor squid. I had a lot of fun sketching out agrarian-themed designs but sadly didn't get to use all of them.

And here are some close ups of the tattoos:

The pea pod was my favorite so I decided to make a little headband  to complete the squid.

The inside of the pod contains 4 peas but sadly I couldn't get them to show up very well in the photos. I would really love to do more tattooed squid but I'll probably have to wait until after the holiday rush. I already have some ideas for other themes to embroider on tentacles.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Tadly Series 2

Apple Tadly

Cat Tadly
In celebration of the 2 new Tadly designs I just finished we decided to revamp the old designs. This revamp was partly inspired by the discovery that a certain someone in the household destroyed an entire army surplus duffle bag of Tadly plush. I thought it would be safe under the bed since it did not look like there was enough room anywhere under there for Ico to reach it. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.
Scott and I sat down to design the new guys and tweak the old patterns. I then took some time to redo the construction of them all and am now hand sewing everything completely. The only thing not sewn on are the glasses which are attached with felt glue. The hand embroidery allowed me to play more with the colors and feel of each design since you can get the thread to pop a lot more on felt than with machine sewing.

Abigail and her book.

Russian Dancing Bear Tadly
Abigail and her letter.

Stump Tadly
Purple Tadly.

Monday, September 05, 2011

very soon

This week will be pretty rad if you like tentacles on other animals and objects.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thursday's Accessory

Fun story: We were at a craft show where an animal rights group had a table that was showing videos of slaughterhouses on a loop all day. One of them stopped by my booth. She picked up the squid who was holding the tray of burgers and asked if these were veggie burgers. I said no because squid are carnivores. She left in disgust.