Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The New Year

First off,  my New Year so far has involved loads of MBMBAM. Go click on that link to hear a sampling of the show. And then head on over to Maximum Fun to bask in the wonders of podcasts.
Alright. So this here blog. It is 2012 and many things are afoot in the world of Cleo Dee's. Although really things started changing it up in early 2011. Perhaps I'll get into that at a later date but right now I"ll be vague and mysterious (read: I don't feel like typing all of it out at this time.) From now on there will be a little less plush and squid and more embroidery, fiber projects, sketching and wacom tablet and After Effects learning. Only the first two will be seen on this blog for a long time. Hopefully by the end of 2012 I'll have something to show in the other departments. But for now I'll leave you with the promise of being back tomorrow with the first installment of the newness. I hope you stick around. I"ll try my best to impress you short of balancing on a ball. I am shit at balancing.

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