Monday, January 09, 2012

200 Sitches: The Darning Stitch and Variations

First off, the note included with this stitch was that it's "very easy to work on evenweave fabric" which is what all of the stitches in this book are worked on. I gotta say, I think I'd only be able to work this on evenweave which is also why the recommended use is as a filling stitch for blackwork. I had thought about doing all of these on the same fabric but decided against it. I usually work all of my embroidery on plainweaves since I'm normally doing freestyle embroidery (word.) This is just a fancy way of saying I embroider focusing more on the design and use the fabric as a background instead of counting threads in the fabric.

So all of this to say that this stitch, as you can obviously see, failed. I thought about redoing it or trying an even weave fabric to try again but I think from this point on I'll just make a note to come back to certain stitches. The point of this exercise is for me to break out of the habit of using only a few stitches so I'm more focused on just trying them at this point instead of perfecting every single one. I think this will also help me to not get sidetracked from the main goal.

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