Monday, June 20, 2011

Craft Shows Through the Years (indoors)

Here's a quick peek at the ol' indoor settings changing throughout the years.  This first one is before I really had a good idea on table display.  My tablecloth was woefully too short along with my table being too small. 

Spring Bada Bing 2007.

Next up is Handmade Arcade 2008.  The trunks are in full effect as well as the squidtivity (although the squidtivity definitely needed some height).  I did still have clothing to sell on my old gridwall and the giant squid are still making an appearance.
Handmade Arcade 2008
This is basically the same setup as the previous month but I discontinued the giants at this point so there were only 2 left.  Also, no more clothing at indoor table shows.
Renegade Holiday 2008

 One good reason to bring all items.  There were pipes running across the ceiling so we figured it was the perfect place for the big tent banner.  Also, we got a suitcase for the squidtivity.  Scott screwed some removable hooks so we made a mini clothesline for the button packs that occasionally make an appearance.  

Tiny Canary 2009

This was last year and the last show of the season so we pulled out all of the stops.  I now have a mini Christmas tree with lights for the mini holiday squid pack along with the shelves for Tadly (with the squidtivity at the top).  Even more height!  We were lucky enough to once again have a backdrop to our table so the giant banner went there and the bunting trimmed the table.

Bizarre Bizarre Cleveland 2010

INDIEanna Handicraft was the largest space I ever had to work with indoors. We had originally planned to have a setup similar to our tent shows.  Basically having the tables and the apron rack set up at the back of the space and have folks walk in.  When we arrived we realized we were actually on a small stage.  This is one of the main reasons we bring everything with us- you never know what your space will actually be like until you see it in person.  Since we were sharing the stage with the dj and they only had a small table we put our 6ft and 4ft table across the front. We placed our other 4 ft at the end behind the other table and had an L shaped set up.  The extra table held the cash box and inventory lists and also hid the Tadly bag.  It also proved useful to sit on so I could still see customers.  Also, since we were in a stage area we only had stage lighting to work with so I really should have brought some extra lighting (should probably start bringing some of those along as well).  We did have free electricity and wifi which was really nice so Scott grabbed the Tadly videos from Vimeo and made a loop of all of the shorts to display on the table.  The high table didn't really prove to be much of a downside except that small children couldn't see our items or the video so they had to get their parents to hold them up. I'm still learning how to use the new camera so forgive the horrible shots but at least it gives you an idea of the set up.  

Using Tadly shelves for a makeshift apron display.

Really glad we threw the giant industrial extension cord into our bag.

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