Friday, June 03, 2011

Best Thing I've Done All Week

I haven't been on the internet most of the week but I have been out and about...a lot.  Normally we drive our car once a week if that.  Yesterday I had it out 3 times preparing for my move and helping with another move. 

The Best Thing I've done all week was meet my best friend over at her new place in Squirrel Hill Thursday as her and her fiance finished their drive from Seattle that started Saturday morning and ended around 12:30 am.  I had been checking out apartments for them so I got to give them their keys and meet her fiance and all of the pets for the first time.  All are delightful. 

Our move is thankfully still on for Sunday thanks to Scott and his fantastic people skills and ability to kindly convince a landlord that no, it's not our "crazy schedule" that has us demanding that you make the apartment livable this week.  It's the lease we signed that started June 1st.  The landlord is still kind of rubbing it in about how he had to rearrange so many schedules and do work himself to get us in there this Sunday (you know, 5 days after our lease started).  We're stopping by today to load things into the kitchen which is hopefully cleaned by now and Saturday to move some other stuff small things into the rest of the rooms.  The carpets should be done by today but if they're not I may have to hunt the landlord down and sic Ico on him. 

He's been training.

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