Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Down by the water

Today my Dad drove my brother and I around to check out where the tornadoes touched down in Juniata County.  Even with a lot of the debris cleaned up it was pretty crazy.  A lot of the houses have already been demolished.  In the picture below the house was gone, the barn was falling down and the trees on the ridge were flatten but another building was untouched.  Luckily the area it hit isn't very populated and there were no injuries or deaths.  Can't say the same for a lot of cows and chickens, though.
After a lot of back roads we stopped at a family-owned grocery and hardware store called Shlegel's (the Germans really liked this area). It also sells lots of other odds and ends and also gas- walmart is very far away.  And it used to have a schtick for giving out $2 bills as change, that always stuck with me. My dad likes to stop here to get dinner so we grabbed lunch and then ate down by the river.  I almost dropped the container since the food was so heavy.  Central PA does not eff around with their meals.  I barely ate any of it but it was certainly tasty and also very nap-worthy.  

They have a standard package to include filling.  It's Thanksgiving dinner all the time around here. Also, 2 different kinds of meat in loaf form.

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