Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Abigail Recommends

Since I'm away from my computer due to moving and not getting internet for a week I'm posting the weekly Abigail Recommends on here instead of Facebook.  Hope you enjoy!

Good afternoon, history buffs! This week is a book that gives a glimpse into a Pittsburgh neighborhood during the turn of the century. I never would have found it if I had not taken a rainy day to wander around my local library and browse the shelves. The Dutchman Died, and Other Tales of Pittsburgh's Southside was written by a local named J. Fred Lissfelt. He wanted to preserve some of the more interesting stories and characters of the then mostly German neighborhood. It has some great old German ghost stories along with a wonderful way of giving you a great idea of what the neighborhood used to be like. Even if you've never visited Pittsburgh or the Southside you will be able to appreciate a lively and descriptive look into the ever-changing life of a community. It will also make you appreciate the buildings, layouts and history from any area that are left behind that gives a specific area its own charms and layers. Also, if you read the book you too will know what Ashcats are and why they only come out at night.

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