Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Settling In

During the move I scheduled posts since we didn't have internet until 2 days ago.  This week will be a tad sparse since we're now officially in the throws of unpacking.  We underestimated how long it would take to move our living space and 2 studio spaces along with dealing with a broken fridge and doing an out of state show.  Also, it's been a bit daunting moving into a smaller space but I'm really glad we downsized.  Our previous apartment was 2 stories and sprawling but we had a lot of wasted space.  Also, our living room became a glorified hallway.  We spent 90% of our time upstairs in the studio wishing we could have a couch nearby to hang out on for me to sew or Scott to nap on during long renders.  I'm slowly getting my desk area together and will eventually figure out where to put everything that needs to be close to hand.  Already though I'm really loving my new set up. 

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