Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Big Valley

My dad and I went out to Big Valley for eggs while I was home.  I love this valley and I gotta say I'm kind of tickled every time another English house is bought up by the Amish.  Although, as you can tell, there's still plenty of space for all.
(side note, I left these large so click on them to soak in all of the details).

I love when everyone hangs out their laundry.  It seems to take over the entire house.  The best is when they hook up a line from the house to the silo which is usually 10 feet long.  My dad mentioned that it used to be only Mondays (similar to the old Day of the week cleaning rhyme) for laundry but now it's "just any old day".

hay break
All of the farmers were out making hay because the sun was out which also led to my dad quoting old farmer sayings that pretty much no longer apply since seeds have been developed that germinate quicker.

"Make hay when the sun shines"

The corn will be knee high by the fourth of July"

"When the wind blows over the oat stubble, Fall is just around the corner"

My dad was also mentioning how the Amish schools move in some cows or sheep during the summer so they don't have to mow.  They also do this with their graveyards although someone did mow recently since I guess the sheep weren't really doing their job.

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