Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mark on the Beast

Ico came back from his vet check up with the advice to loose weight, schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning to combat the bleeding gums he has and also with a chip.  We figured we should get him microchipped since our new place leads directly outside and he is a bit of a runner when he's afraid.  But most importantly about this event were the papers you receive with your chip.  First is the certificate.  I think this is the closest Ico will ever come to a diploma.  Perhaps we'll hang it over his litter box.

we've accomplished something!
The next was a fear filled brochure on why to get your pet chipped. Keep in mind, we did decided to do it so I do think it's a fantastic idea depending on your situation but Scott and I both find advertising amusing.  Especially the kind that wants to play on a particular emotion.  Can you figure out what that emotion is?

Almost enough fear to distract me from that fabulous photo in the corner...almost.

Given the fact that losing your pet is normally in the back of your mind most days anyway, I don't think you really need to have a 6 page brochure with illustrations of sad little girls in giant golden shoes driving the point home about how crappy said day would be.  They really could have just given out pieces of paper saying "Losing your pet will literally rip your soul out of your body but this chip will hopefully make that gaping hole not last as long. But you already knew that so here are some numbers to get a small sense of security.  You're welcome".  Then they could have called it a day and gone back to doubling up on a horse.

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