Friday, May 27, 2011

Best Thing I've Seen All Week

 I posted this for Tadly earlier this week but I feel this needs to be re-posted again.  Mainly because this little creature is ADORABLE but also it's so fantastic that a species is rediscovered after more than a century.  

Also, it reminds me of a muskrat and I have fond memories of muskrats from my childhood.  We have a creek that runs right beside my family home.  For many years we had muskrats that had a little den about 10 feet from the side door and one summer one of the babies took a liking to me. It would then follow me around the yard and I would put out carrots for it to munch on.  I could never get close enough that I could hand-feed it and I wouldn't have even if I could since that has always been a big no-no in my wildlife rule book.

pure adorableness.

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