Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Although I'm super excited about our new neighborhood I have been feeling wistful for the things we'll leave behind (although not the drunks, vandalism, assaults and non-existent parking).  Although we're not moving very far at all, Pittsburgh's neighborhoods are pretty self-contained so I'm not sure how often we'll really be back.  Also, the new place is sadly not as walkable so I'll really miss having a grocery store, post office and awesome deli and Thai food mere blocks from my apartment along with seeing at least one person we know while I'm out and about.

The view from upstairs.
The giant birdbath that's above the grass roof beside us.

Looking over the rooftops.
The slopes with their awesome network of incredibly steep stairs and adorable alley cats.
The train horns in the distance and the strict schedule of building shakes.

I think most of all I'll miss the riverfront trail.  I'll be getting Frick Park and Homewood Cemetery which I'm super excited about, but it was nice to have the trail as a quick option to walk while running errands to avoid the noise and heat of East Carson.

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