Monday, May 09, 2011

Desk Mess

Not pictured: 4 exploding bins of embroidery floss piled on top of the printer.
Yesterday I stopped embroidering long enough to look at my desk and realized I could no longer remember why there were various Tadly piled high.  I decide that I needed to clean but I figured I'd take a picture first since you rarely see what someone's desk looks like when it's actually in use.  Mainly because it's shameful and also you just don't have time to think about pictures when you're working away (but for me it's mainly shame- that bowl has been there far too long).
I also decided that I should catch up on packaging some wayward squid magnets.  Since these guys are new I don't have a box to put finished ones in yet and I wanted to keep them in sight so they are not forgotten.  Hence, I improvised.

I bought this spice rack to hold all of Tadly's suckers and pupils.  Since I punch them out all by hand I pick a day or two and get a stockpile going in all of the various colors and sizes I need.
The magnet squids have since found a new home all packaged up and in the trunk waiting for next month. The desk has about one more week before it's back to normal. 

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