Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Artists in Matrimony

 Since I work across the room from my husband we're both pretty involved in even the projects we aren't doing together.  So, I figured I'd share some of his work with you from time to time.  Perhaps someday I'll show you some of the projects Ico does.  But only if you earn the privilege. 

Scott has been working on a megaton of projects so far this year that are still not out in the public but here's a peek at one that just launched today.  He animated these for the non-profit Riverlife. We heart this organization not only because they're cleaning up the rivers around here but we use the trail they helped build almost daily.  Sometimes I go out of my way to use it while running errands around the southside.  This is the first of four stories that he animated for them.

Riverlife's "Living in a River City" - Emily's Story from Scott Benson on Vimeo.

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