Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Plant it and destroy

This is the first time I've planted something so I'm still a little concerned that these things will just die* but hey, I can always try again.  I started out with grass and cat nip.  Mostly because I love my cat but mostly because my cat is a jerk and likes to knock over my pretty pretty flowers which then soaks the basket that holds my pretty pretty gps system and purse.  When he has grass though those flowers mean nothing to him.  He has no loyalty. 
I got the coffee pot from csmeyer49 on Etsy. I took the little glass knob off and the lid will just stay up since it's attached.  The other thing in the pot (can you tell I don't drink coffee?) I used for the actual planting which was nice since it has holes in the bottom for great drainage, hopefully it's deep enough but I should be OK since catnip is pretty easy to grow. 


 Here are some more shots to soak in the awesomeness of Pennsylvanian Dutch design.

* Hey, guess what?  A few hours after posting this I killed the catnip.  I was unloading the drying rack and dropped the cutting board directly on top of the rooster pot which tumbled to the ground spreading dirt and seeds under the stove.  Glad to see my killing streak has expanded into new territory.

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