Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Glace and Shade

One of the last trips I made home my Dad gave me an old apple box filled with "stuff from the farmhouse".  I grew up on the old pastures of my Great-grandparent's farm (which then became my Grandparent's farm).  The farmhouse was across the road.  This box was brimming with postcards from the 1800's, old hymn books, letters from a soldier during WW1 and loads of photos of my mom's relatives spanning from the late 1800's through the 1970's.  It was pretty rad and I'm still not done sorting through everything but so far the best part was finally finding some photos of my Gram Shade when she was a child with her twin sister. I really never knew much about my Gram's side of the family except that her father and twin sister died during one of the many influenza outbreaks of the time (early 1900's).  Also that her mother remarried a very nice man with the last name of Goss who drove the trolley in town and she would sit in the front and ride around his route with him.  And I knew that she didn't have a middle name so when she married she used her last name of Glace as the middle.

(great-grandmother Berlyn Glace with twins- my grandma and great-aunt)

 This was the best part.  Flipping the above photo over and finding this:

This story combined with my Dad having a brother who died in infancy along with other now pretty preventable infant deaths with my Grandma Hockenberry's siblings makes me very glad to live today (yay for flu shots!)

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