Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The power of Butter Krak

An insane amount of chocolate arrived today from the Marvelous Milners.  They are fellow crafters that run My Favorite Mirror/Overdue Industries.  Scott and I love nothing more than seeing them at a show because they are awesome in every way.  I don't remember exactly how but there was a facebook post that involved Zitner eggs versus Cadbury creme eggs that ended in me wanted Zitners but they are only available in Eastern PA.  We were going to trade candies during Handmade Arcade but they couldn't find any in time. Then they hit the motherload on the way home so now I have a box full of awesome candy in awesome packaging to eat.  I don't think I will ever touch another Cadbury creme egg again and I'm totally saving that Butter Krak box for storing something in.  Also, Scott has found a new favorite peanut butter egg. 
Thanks, Milners.  Keep being awesome. 

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