Friday, September 30, 2011

The Internets

Some lovely things I've seen this week.

Sundries and Plunder
Seeing these yet again brought up one of the issues with wearing glasses. I would love nothing more than to wear these (or any of the other awesome masks they make) to a fancy Halloween party/dinner. We could make hooves to go with them.

Oh and those ribbons! Oh my goodness!

little goodall

A friend sent me the link to this shop mentioning that this was going on the list of "things to buy when you have children". There is a gray fox as well. My goal is to have twins and buy one of each and then let them loose in the woods. I will occasionally squee when one of the fox children runs past. Since I received this link I have watched this woman be interviewed on etsy's front page and now place her shop on vacation to get caught up on orders. It made me so happy to see this. I love seeing people who are making original, well made and beautiful designs get rewarded for their talent by being able to make even more of the things that they love.

just oh my word, the craftsmanship. And those claw sleeves just kill me.

matilde beldroega

I saw this little fella the other morning and I want him so badly. I love the design on the goat in particular and holy crap that little cloak he's wearing! I also love the faces of the dolls she makes. Barely any stitches used but still expressive. I especially enjoyed the little smirk on the girl below.

She even makes the shoes!

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