Friday, September 09, 2011

Tadly Series 2

Apple Tadly

Cat Tadly
In celebration of the 2 new Tadly designs I just finished we decided to revamp the old designs. This revamp was partly inspired by the discovery that a certain someone in the household destroyed an entire army surplus duffle bag of Tadly plush. I thought it would be safe under the bed since it did not look like there was enough room anywhere under there for Ico to reach it. I was wrong. So very, very wrong.
Scott and I sat down to design the new guys and tweak the old patterns. I then took some time to redo the construction of them all and am now hand sewing everything completely. The only thing not sewn on are the glasses which are attached with felt glue. The hand embroidery allowed me to play more with the colors and feel of each design since you can get the thread to pop a lot more on felt than with machine sewing.

Abigail and her book.

Russian Dancing Bear Tadly
Abigail and her letter.

Stump Tadly
Purple Tadly.

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