Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Plucky Farmerette

The show that I had mentioned last month has ended so I'm pretty tickled to post the shots of the squid I had sent out to Indiana for it. The show was carnival and side show themed so of course this was the first set I made for it:

I was pretty excited about the prospect of making sideshow themed squid and I wanted to make one more. I had recently finished Fruits of Victory and had Farmerettes on the mind. I had never heard of the Woman's Land Army and I highly recommend checking this book out to hear some amazing tales about some amazing women. And since this was a carnival-themed show I was also thinking about the tattoo ladies on the side show circuit. So, put those two together and you get Millie, the tattooed Farmerette.

Millie has spent quite a long time collecting all of her tattoos. She thought it was such a shame to have to hide them due to Victorian sensibilities so she took matters into her own tentacles. You can catch Millie being billed not only has a tattooed lady but as the only tattooed land squid you will see this side of the Mississippi.

I used the same technique for her as I did the sailor squid. I had a lot of fun sketching out agrarian-themed designs but sadly didn't get to use all of them.

And here are some close ups of the tattoos:

The pea pod was my favorite so I decided to make a little headband  to complete the squid.

The inside of the pod contains 4 peas but sadly I couldn't get them to show up very well in the photos. I would really love to do more tattooed squid but I'll probably have to wait until after the holiday rush. I already have some ideas for other themes to embroider on tentacles.

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  1. lol Love these! A knife throwing squid seems especially talented. So much coordination required with so many tentacles!


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