Monday, October 03, 2011

Dad Got a Trail Cam

My dad got a trail cam. He then propped up an old stump and added some cracked corn and some apples that he got while drilling near an orchard. All of this is in the far side yard, past the field and near the grove of pine trees. Sometimes he walks up after dinner to throw out leftovers. He has been sending me photos of what creatures have passed by. I'm posting a few highlights here but you should check here to see the full album. It will not disappoint. 

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the photos and it was just really amazing to see the property that I spent so much time exploring in a different light. I just love all of the quick little "snapshots" of my home. It was also great seeing all of the animals that hang around our house, most of them I've seen quite often but 2 in particular were surprising. The black vultures and the black squirrel (they're at the link). Black vultures just recently started coming back to our part of the state and my Dad had never seen them around there before which is pretty exciting. The black squirrels have also started to appear lately. My dad hadn't seen one of them since the late 70's and the one on the camera is the second one he's seen this year.

A murder of crows

little buck
gray squirrel in the fog
Racoons. The two on the right are fighting over some chicken skin.
Little bear.

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