Monday, July 11, 2011

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse is across the road from my Dad's.  Our home sits on the 49 acres that was originally the pastures and fields (we still rent out the fields today).  The house was built in 1846 and my great-grandparents and grandparents owned it until my gram died in the 90's.  The man who was born there wrote a small book about it that I have sitting on my bookshelf.  It was typed up in the 30's I believe and photocopied within an inch of its life.  The story goes into great detail about where the ice house, orchards and pond were and where the Methodist minister's cabin was in Kearn's Woods (you can still find the outline of the foundation in the winter.)  The man also adds how the village reacted to having a minister who was a Little Person in the area (side note: while looking up what the preferred term was for Little People nowadays I found this great exchange).  The family that bought the farmhouse after my family is selling it during a divorce so it's been on and off the market for awhile now.  Since it's empty I walked up and took some shots.  I'm amazed that I still have a very clear image of what the inside looks like although I did spend a good deal of time running around top to bottom of the house and the barn.

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