Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work Space

Our new place is pretty much put together.  I'm still getting used to my new setup but so far, so good.  To make enough space for our couch I placed my desk onto the fireplace mantel.  Luckily the height was perfect for risers.  I was thinking of doing a standing desk anyway so I also set it up for the perfect standing position for me.

When not standing I bought a pretty sweet vintage draftschair on Ebay for super cheap.  I did have to get a cushion for it since my chair was still about 2 inches too short to reach.  I also remove the black tins under the green stand (which is actually the leaf for the kitchen table) while sitting.

I've surrounded my monitor with work books and my vintage book collection.  There's also some terrariums and family heirlooms thrown in there as well.

There are built-in shelves on either side of the desk.  An old pie safe holds printer paper, tags and my squid templates.
The other side is where the black tins reside along with boxes for mini squid accessories.  The old suitcase holds all of my embroidery bins and the regular sized accessories. 

It's nice being surrounded by all of the lovely old brick and not feeling so caged in by a massively sloping ceiling anymore.  Most of my supplies (felt, mailing supplies and also finished work) now reside in the bedroom but I actually kind of like having them out of the way.  I also enjoy being able to have more of an atheistically pleasing work space. Having the couch to chill out on upon occasion has been fantastic.One of the things we wanted most with a new place was a workspace and living space combo.  Our old living room was a glorified hallway since we basically just live at our desks. 
Obviously we knew we weren't using all of the space we had at the old (2-story) apartment but I don't think either of us realized how much we would love having our home and work space consolidated (i.e. that dreaded word of downsized).  I was amazed at how often the first question people would ask when I told them we were moving was if the new place was bigger.  I was also amazed at the reactions I got when I said it wasn't and that was ok.  I feel much more involved with everything in the apartment and the consolidation makes tasks much more streamlined.  Although we could use at least one extra closet I think the size of everything has worked for us, and heating this winter won't be such a nightmare.


  1. Love seeing behind the scenes of your creations! I hope you are coming to Strange Folk Fest in O'Fallon, IL this year again! If not, I'll have to continue stalking you online.

  2. Sadly we aren't doing any outdoor shows this year so I won't be coming near St. Louis. There will be new Tadly and Abigail out this fall along with a new Tadly song so continue the stalking it'll be worth your while!


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