Friday, February 17, 2012


This is what Ico is always watching from the window. There are two of them. They are also obese. I did this mostly to keep them away from the bird feeder because what squirrel can resist corn on the cob? But I have grown pretty attached to them and Ico is in love. Also, it does melt my heart when a fat little squirrel looks me square in the eyes with one little piece of corn in his mouth.
My dad keeps me in supply of corn. My family home is surrounded by fields that we rent out to a farmer in the neighboring valley. He plants a lot of feed corn for his cows so before he harvests it my dad gathers up a bunch of it and stores it in these awesome old metal bins.Sadly I will run out of corn before my next trip home. I can only assume the squirrels have dire consequences in store for me when this day comes.

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