Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Wedding Couple

I received a custom request for a wedding present earlier this month. Actually the requester was the girl who we "gave" our old apartment to (our landlady asked us if we knew anyone who would want it). I dropped these off so I could pick up some things that got left behind. It was fun seeing an old place you lived in, especially since you rarely get to do that. I also got to see some adorable guinea pigs hanging out in our old living room in their super crazy fancy pen. Those pigs have it made. Anyway, the squid were for a couple who had recently wed in a doughnut shop. Since they also weren't wearing traditional wedding attire I changed up the colors of the squid to match the outfits worn. I made the squid groom match the human groom's shirt color and embroidered a similar pattern onto his tie. The human bride had an adorable bat dress that I wanted to represent somehow so I gave the squid bride a little bat necklace. And since they were wed surrounded by doughnuts I figured it was only natural to have them each holding a doughnut half, ready to be united.

Also, to make this extra cheesy and lovey dovey, the bride is holding the doughnut with the groom's initial and vice versa for a nod to the whole exchanging rings thing.

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