Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding preparations

As I said yesterday, Megan had her wedding at her parents' house. It took a few days to ready the house, side yard and the desserts. Her parents have a gorgeous and large house so hosting 25 people was tight but totally doable.
After Megan picked me up from the Mega Bus and treated me to breakfast we made lots of to-do lists and cleared off the deck where the dinner and dancing were to occur. Doing this was kind of terrifying but also really fun. I was in charge of hooking up the furniture with a hook her dad had fashioned and lowering it down. I only dropped one thing. I consider that a victory.

It was fun wandering through the basement and picking things out that would make for cute decorations.This is where the candles around the cake and all of the birds came from that are seen here. Their basement storage is set up like a store with several large racks lined up on 2 sides. It's awesome.

On Friday Megan was dropped off and I ran errands with her mom. This ended up becoming a mini tour of childhood friends. We went to a bakery that was just opened by an old friend Jena (her cupcakes were delicious, by the way). I spent many a summer day in her pool and spent a load of time running around with her in high school. The next day I ended up at the farm of another friend named Lisa where we picked up the chicken for dinner. Her mom opened up a catering business out of her house that Lisa helps with which seems like a natural since her cooking was always a highlight of my frequent stays. Being there also reminded me of an incident of playing in her hayloft with some other girls. We were climbing to the top and 2 girls fell off and landed on top of each other on the hard wooden floor. Luckily they missed landing on the tractor and even more luckily neither had a scratch on them. I can still remember the dead silence in the barn as we waited for them to move after the fall.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes. Megan had hydrangeas as her bouquet and centerpieces so she found a tutorial for making hydrangea cupcakes. She figured it would be best to have the bottoms pre-made so she could just focus on the icing. It was smooth sailing and the result was lovely.

She modified the icing by just using 10x sugar and butter so it wouldn't be as heavy.

the favorite.

Megan's mom also made welcome baskets for Philip's out of town family and friends. I found this to be incredibly sweet. Megan and I went to a local farmer's market to pick up some fruit and we of course picked up some whoopie pies made by some local Brown Suiters. The basket is rounded out by the local favorites of Hartley potato chips, candy from Asher's candy store and brochures of what to do in Mifflin County (which really does involve lots of cow sightseeing). Not pictured are some great postcards for our local festivals and plenty of options for wagon rides and eating heavy German food.

The napkins I posted about earlier looked pretty swell on the table (although I didn't get a picture of them) although we were sadly one short. Luckily Scott took a bullet and opted for a paper napkin. We also made tissue paper poofs that hung over the ceremony. I was on the fence about these but Megan swore that they would look fantastic in the trees (they were married on the spot where the fire pit usually stands). She was totally right.

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