Friday, August 05, 2011

Thank you, Japan.

This morning I am off trying to find a last minute maid of honor dress for my best friend's wedding.  We were at the bridal store last week to find her wedding dress.  I mentioned that technically I would be her Matron of Honor.  The lady helping us at the store said that the trend lately is to use the term Goddess of Honor.  Ladies, this whole thing of inserting Goddess into titles I know what you're going for but the execution has failed.
After dropping this fun fact on us we got to picking out wedding dresses.  The ladies at the store (who were very nice and helpful) seemed to not know what to do with a bride who was so laid back, had a month to plan a wedding and also seemed freaked out by the trying on process.  Apparently I had blocked out the whole awkward part of borrowing undergarments and having to have assistance with gowns although I think that might have been more that I was in this store for about 15 minutes.  I tried on the first dress I saw when I walked into the store and then was out.   At  this point I thought the worst part so far was the Goddess comment.  Then Megan found the dress she wanted.  Megan said "alright, I like this one.  This is the one I want"  Lady: "So this is it?" Megan "yea!" Lady: "So you're saying Yes to the Dress?" Megan "yea".  I thought this was some sort of fluke but then it happened with the bride to be to the right of us as well.  Luckily we were ready to go after this.

Well, that's more than enough about bridal stores so hey, check this out!  Japan sent HD cameras to space a few years back.  They took this on the moon.  It's narrated and so beautiful.  Although seeing anything from space is amazing it's kind of nice to actually be able to make out something so well.  It makes that whole  "holy crap, I'm on that planet right now" feeling even more spectacular. 

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