Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abigail Recommends

Hello, my historical poets! Today I bring you a very dainty and old book. A Vintage of Verse was written by Clarence Urmy in 1897 with only five hundred copies printed. It is a lovely little book to take along with you to read in the warm sunshine. And although it focuses on the land of California, parts of the poem below remind me of my own days in Central Penna. Although I would substitute the cow bells with sheep baaing. 
Toward twilight-time we slowly pass
Along a road whose winding turns
Are decked with dainty wildwood flowers,
With trailing vines and graceful ferns;
Along a rail-fence runs a quail,
A bluebird darts amid the trees,
And cow-bell echoes, dimly heard,
Are wafted on the evening breeze.


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