Sunday, May 06, 2012


It'll be a long time before I post anything finished that I've done on here animation-wise, but I'll at least post an occasional snippet. This is the first one. This is the first after effects "mid-term" that Scott assigned me. There's another one next week. Right now they're all about animating abstract shapes to music. I used a snippet of Le Tigre's "The the Empty". It's still pretty frustrating not having a full grasp on the program and having to abandon ideas half-way through because I just don't know how to make it happen but overall I'm really enjoying it.

The blue path shows the key framing I did for the tiny ball inside of the big ball. I enjoyed that part way more than I thought I would. Like I really, really enjoyed doing that. Most of the tutorials I've watched so far just show you how to do everything with plugins and presets and such which has kind of bummed me out so mainly using masks and key framing for this was refreshing.

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